Data Centre Cabling & Optimisation.

Excel enjoys an outstanding reputation for data centre design, data centre implementation and data centre optimisation, with a proven track record of work in some of the world’s most demanding corporate environments.

Data Centre Cabling

Our teams draw on extensive Europe-wide experience across corporate headquarters, education, healthcare & public sector facilities to deliver data centres based on best practice and leading-edge technology.

From initial design, cost modelling and vendor selection through to build, systems integration and on-site management and support, Excel offers the complete enterprise-level solution for data centre implementation.


Excel designers are RCDD registered (BICSI’s Registered Communications Distribution Designer).

This makes sure our data centre designs are standards compliant and informed by the very latest best practice.


Excel’s multi-vendor accreditations ensure that every data centre design solution is based around the very best technology for your application.

Our focus is not just on achieving the capacity and reliability required by your business today but also on futureproofing for whatever tomorrow may bring.


Our broad portfolio of professional services includes access to the technology and expertise required to continually optimise datacentres.

We are also at the vanguard of the latest intelligent cabling & infrastructure management (IIM) and datacentre management (DCIM) technologies.

Excel offers the expertise and the advanced technology required to address the challenges of datacentre efficiency and optimisation, with a range of services designed to audit and benchmark existing systems and produce recommendations.

Optimisation & Efficiency

Ever increasing property and energy costs, plus the demands of the Carbon Reduction Commitment (CRC), have propelled data centre efficiency to the top of the IT agenda.

Our continual focus on optimisation delivers datacentre and computer room designs which:

  • improve operating efficiency
  • optimise space utilisation
  • reduce energy costs
  • reduce carbon footprint (and therefore associated CRC charges)

Our designs are built on a strong understanding of best practice in data centre cooling, including air flows, hot and cold aisle configuration, equipment rack and containment design, and server utilisation.

We can help you identify where:

  • fewer machines might be needed (reducing hardware, software and maintenance costs at a stroke)
  • physical layout can be re-configured for improved performance and / or energy efficiency
  • server set up can be re-configured for enhanced manageability and security
  • servers could support multiple operations, reducing idle time and improving infrastructure operating performance.

Efficient DCs Guide

Efficient Data Centres (how to make them and why they matter)  is a free e-guide reviewing the cost of data centre inefficiency, and the potential impact of efficiency improvements in legacy and new-build data centres.

We also identify the four principles of data centre efficiency which can deliver these outcomes for your data centre.


Datacentre Cabling | Resources

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Free Guide

Efficient Data Centres (and why they matter), explores the impact of PUE reduction in the corporate data centre, plus key factors for the design and operation of efficient DCs.

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