Infrastructure Support: Overview.

Excel’s comprehensive Smarter Support service portfolio is designed to maintain, develop and optimise enterprise-level IT infrastructures from the datacentre to the desktop.

Our reputation for the reliable and cost-effective implementation of IT and network infrastructure support services is second-to-none, as is our track record for continuous improvement, risk control and quality assurance.

Above all else, we never forget the criticality of 100% network uptime in a global business environment where success depends on the continuous and instantaneous flow of business information.

Smarter People

Our engineers are fully qualified, exhibit great team player qualities and importantly, given they are often the only network engineers at a particular site, are great communicators. The result is a flexible, knowledgeable and skilled resource pool that is ideally suited to meet the high demands of our clients.

Smarter Toolkits

Advanced infrastructure-specific toolsets, whether aligning to the client’s existing systems, optimising leading-edge infrastructure technology (such as CableSolve), or deploying our own proprietary tools for datacentre and desktop management (Xact™). The toolsets work together to increase engineer productivity but also to provide real-time information that helps clients manage their environments in better and more cost effective ways.

Smarter Processes

All of this is delivered within clearly defined best practice processes and standardised working methodologies which have been encapsulated in our Integrated Service Delivery Model, Xceed™.

With Smarter Support from Excel, organisations can properly leverage their investment in infrastructure through smart toolsets – delivering real benefits in improved service, cost and efficiency.

Delivering advantage

By deploying the highest standard of engineering resources with technology and toolsets that provide open and transparent analytics, we achieve innovation, cost and service advantages across:

  • Enhanced infrastructure management
  • Critical circuit monitoring
  • Reduced break/fix times
  • Improved IMAC planning and implementation processes
  • Enabling asset management and discovery
  • Unique desk utilisation, people finder and desk booking system
  • Empowering the user to book desks and find colleagues
  • Improved energy saving
  • Improved security through device recognition and location


Excel delivers an optimised Smarter Support service for this global financial group across its full physical infrastructure, including desktop, datacentre, moves and asset management.




Through our Business As Usual (BAU) desktop support service, Excel provides the first line of support for the end-users in some of the world’s most demanding corporate environments.




Our Data Centre Management (DCM) package provides a cost-effective, reliable and flexible service for the support, maintenance and optimisation of client data centres and computer rooms.


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