Optimising Desk and Workspace Utilisation: e-Guide.

A truly intelligent building strategy demands the intelligent use of space.

utilisation_whitepaper_coverThis becomes all the more obvious when you realise that occupancy levels in the average office are typically found to be 60 percent or less.

With each city desk space costing £10k pa or more to support, this represents a huge and unnecessary cost running into millions for many corporate organisations.

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Excel’s latest e-guide, Optimising Desk and Workspace Utilisation: Unlocking the Potential of Your Real Estate, looks at these challenges and explores a new generation of solutions.

  • Why does workspace and desk optimisation matter – what are the opportunities and benefits for the corporate enterprise?
  • The information gap – what data do you need to make optimisation a reality?
  • The tools of the trade – what techniques and toolkits can help you get the information you need?
  • How is Internet of Things technology transforming optimisation?

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