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Professional Services . Desk Utilisation & Space Planning

Excel is in the vanguard of a new generation of real estate optimisation and space planning solutions for the FM professional.

Leveraging our expertise and experience in corporate IT infrastructures, we develop technology solutions which deliver unparalleled insights into desk and workspace usage – unlocking remarkable levels of real estate efficiency and cost saving on a local, national or global scale.

DeskQUERY™ from Excel is a seamless, low-intervention and unobtrusive software solution that accurately monitors and highlights real-time usage of space in a clear and concise manner, providing an unequalled clarity of management information in support of ever-more sophisticated real estate strategies.

By operating on existing corporate IT infrastructures, this unique solution offers significant advantages over existing hardware based products such as desk sensors or card swipes.

By accurately monitoring real time desk utilisation across hours, days, weeks, months and even years, DeskQUERY™ can easily identify under or over utilised work areas, floors or buildings. By delivering the data through easy-to-interpret graphical interfaces and bespoke reports, the software quickly and simply opens the door to significant real estate savings, allowing clients to make informed decisions across national or global estates.

By monitoring and assessing space utilisation across a floor, a building or a group of buildings, DeskQUERY™ can drive optimisation strategies for existing locations, improve the accuracy of future expansion strategies or even create efficiencies through improved approaches to hot desk booking.

Remember, for affordable, accurate real-time real estate planning, only DeskQUERY™ ticks all the boxes.