Mighty oaks grow from little acorns…

In 2014 we were proud to celebrate Excel’s 25th anniversary.

While today’s Excel is a trusted Infrastructure, network and connectivity partner to some of the world’s leading global corporations, this is just the latest chapter in a story which started in 1989 with plans spread out across the company’s first ‘office’, a kitchen table.

To find out more about our history, download our short history of Excel at 25 – the story of a business journey from micro-enterprise to global company; a transformation achieved without ever sacrificing the fundamental values which characterised the business from its earliest years.

25 years of Excel & technology innovation

And it wasn’t just Excel that celebrated 25 years in 2014 – we shared our anniversary with a little thing called the world wide web!

So, Excel was there at the birth of the modern internet age. And ever since, our growth and development has taken place hand-in-hand with a host of amazing technology breakthroughs.

Some have fundamentally changed the IT infrastructure environment in which we work; some have transformed our home and social lives; others have flopped and quickly faded from memory (anyone remember the ‘phone tooth’?).

To celebrate the side-by-side evolution of Excel and all this amazing technology, we produced a timeline infographic.

For all of us involved in technology and computing it’s a fascinating and fun journey down memory lane (can you remember what must-have consumer product began life as Project Dulcimer?). And, for those of you interested in the future, we’ve also added a few thoughts about how it might all go wrong, and then right again, over the next 25 years!












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