Excel builds, supports and optimises the IT infrastructure, networks and connectivity which drive global business performance.

IT Infrastructure

Design and implementation of datacentre to desktop infrastructure, including enterprise-level cabling, wireless and network solutions.


Smart support for the datacentre to desktop infrastructure, networks & connectivity in some of the world’s most demanding corporate environments.

Moves & Migration

Infrastructure relocation, from server and network equipment migration to the day-to-day management of desktop moves and workspace optimisation.

Intelligent Building

Smart building technology from space planning & occupancy management to smart workspaces, integrated CCTV, access control and more.


What we do

Excel provides the datacentre-to-desktop services which allow modern enterprises to support fast-changing 24x7x365 operations at local, national and international levels.

Working with clients across Europe, the Middle East, Africa and beyond, we have developed a comprehensive portfolio of services which support clients through every stage of the infrastructure lifecycle, from design and installation through maintenance and support and on to optimisation and renewal.


We work in close partnership with those clients to meet critical challenges around the issues of:

always-on connectivity
network and system reliability
system speed
total cost of ownership
extensibility & scalability
intelligent building technology & integration

Why choose Excel


Smart engineers + tools + processes = best-in-class service.


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